Suspended in the realm between reality and fantasy, my sculptures explore the organic process of growth, replication, and locomotion.

Deliberately ambiguous combinations of biological imagery reflect
the perfect integration of form and function found in the natural world. Through an intuitive process, I allow these elements to respond to
one another, creating “hybrid” forms with movement and fluidity.

Porcelain is an ideal medium for my work because its white
luminescence showcases rich surfaces and curvilinear components.
The strength and responsiveness of this clay also enables me to achieve whimsical and delicate sculptural elements.

Hidden building techniques allow my sculptures to exist in a space of seamless illusion where they appear “born” rather than “made.” Inspired by the mysteries of nature, pieces deliver an animated and fantastical view of our biological surroundings. I invite my audience to draw upon their experience and imagination, and to discover a unique reality for each piece.

Hybrid Cluster No. 11